Tract-specific white matter structural disruption in patients with bipolar disorder.

  title={Tract-specific white matter structural disruption in patients with bipolar disorder.},
  author={Francesco Benedetti and Martina Absinta and Maria Assunta Rocca and Daniele Radaelli and Sara Poletti and Alessandro Bernasconi and Sara Dallaspezia and Elisabetta Pagani and Andrea Falini and Massimiliano Copetti and Cristina Colombo and Giancarlo Comi and Enrico Smeraldi and Massimo Filippi},
  journal={Bipolar disorders},
  volume={13 4},
OBJECTIVES A growing body of evidence suggests that, independent of localized brain lesions, mood disorders can be associated with dysfunction of brain networks involved in the modulation of emotional and cognitive behavior. We used diffusion tensor (DT) tractography to quantify the presence and extent of structural injury to the connections between the amygdala and other brain regions, which included the subgenual, the supragenual and posterior cingulate, the parahippocampal, the orbitofrontal… CONTINUE READING


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