Tracking the metal of the goblins: cobalt's cycle of use.

  title={Tracking the metal of the goblins: cobalt's cycle of use.},
  author={E. M. Harper and Goksin Kavlak and Thomas E. Graedel},
  journal={Environmental science \& technology},
  volume={46 2},
Cobalt is a vital element in many technological applications, which, together with its increasing end-use in batteries, makes it important to quantify its cycle of use. We have done so for the planet as a whole and for the three principal cobalt-using countries - China, Japan, and the United States - for 2005. Together, China, Japan, and the United States accounted for approximately 65% of the cobalt fabricated and manufactured into end-use products (a total of 37 Gg Co). A time residence model… 

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