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Tracking X-ray Outflows with Optical/IR Footprint Lines

  title={Tracking X-ray Outflows with Optical/IR Footprint Lines},
  author={Anna Trindade Falcao and S. B. Kraemer and D. Michael Crenshaw and Marcio Mel{\'e}ndez and M. Revalski and Travis C. Fischer and Henrique R. Schmitt and T. J. Turner},
We use Cloudy photoionisation models to predict the flux profiles for optical/IR emissions lines that trace the footprint of X-ray gas in NGC 4151, such as [Fe X] 6375Å and [Si X] 1.43μm. These are a subset of coronal lines, from ions with ionisation potential ≥ that of O VII, i.e., 138eV. The footprint lines are formed in gas over the same range in ionisation state as the H and He-like of O and Ne ions, which are also the source of X-ray emission-lines. The footprint lines can be detected with… 


The Astrophysical Journal, 834
  • Astrophysical Journal,
  • 2017
Tracking X-ray Outflows with Optical/IR Footprint Lines
  • 2021
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