Trachoma: an update on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


PURPOSE OF REVIEW To review recent clinical and epidemiological studies regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of trachoma. RECENT FINDINGS Newer studies propose novel diagnostic tests that appear sensitive for the detection of ocular chlamydial infection. For example, recent studies with ribosomal RNA-based nucleic acid amplification tests… (More)
DOI: 10.1097/ICU.0b013e32835438fc


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@article{Bhosai2012TrachomaA, title={Trachoma: an update on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.}, author={Satasuk Joy Bhosai and Robin L. Bailey and Bruce D. Gaynor and Thomas M. Lietman}, journal={Current opinion in ophthalmology}, year={2012}, volume={23 4}, pages={288-95} }