Traces of the Mouth: Andrei Andreyevich Markov’s Mathematization of Writing

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Cryptanalysis of the double transposition cipher

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Discourse networks (ref. 34), 212

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The codebreakers

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Writing and difference, transl angustia: the necessary restricted passageway of speech against which all possible meanings push each other, preventing each other's emergence

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The lives of the noble Grecians and Romans (Chicago etc

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Sur un cas d'épreuves liées en chaîne multiple

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The 10th chapter of 'Eugene Onegin': The story of its solution Pushkin's coded poem

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Bagrovs Kinderjahre (transl Aksakov went blind in his left eye and the right eye began to flicker. By 1846, his sight had deteriorated so badly that he was hardly able to write his name

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