Trace element zoning and incipient metamictization in a lunar zircon : Application of three microprobe techniques

  title={Trace element zoning and incipient metamictization in a lunar zircon : Application of three microprobe techniques},
  author={Bnrcrrru WorrNu and T. Knntvrsrnl},
  • Bnrcrrru WorrNu, T. Knntvrsrnl
  • Published 2007
We have determined major (Si, Zr,Hf), minor (Al, Y, Fe, P), and trace element (Ca, Sc, Ti, Ba, REE, Th, U) concentrations and Raman spectra of a zoned, 200 pm zircon grain in lunar sample 14161,7069, a quartz monzodiorite breccia collected at the Apollo 14 site. Analyses were obtained on a thin section in situ with an ion microprobe, an electron microprobe, and a laser Raman microprobe. The zircon grain is optically zoned in birefringence, a reflection of variable (incomplete) metamictization… CONTINUE READING


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