Trace element signature of subduction-zone fluids, melts and supercritical liquids at 120–180 km depth

  title={Trace element signature of subduction-zone fluids, melts and supercritical liquids at 120–180 km depth},
  author={Ronit Kessel and Max W. Schmidt and Peter Ulmer and Thomas Pettke},
Fluids and melts liberated from subducting oceanic crust recycle lithophile elements back into the mantle wedge, facilitate melting and ultimately lead to prolific subduction-zone arc volcanism. The nature and composition of the mobile phases generated in the subducting slab at high pressures have, however, remained largely unknown. Here we report direct LA-ICPMS measurements of the composition of fluids and melts equilibrated with a basaltic eclogite at pressures equivalent to depths in the… CONTINUE READING
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