Trace Elements and Glucose Disorders

  • Published 2008


The incidence of diabetes worldwide is expected to double in the next 10 years affecting over 200 million people. It is known that dietary modifications can help considerably in improving blood-glucose control and therefore reduce the many complications caused by this condition. Mooradian and Morely published an excellent review article discussing the serum micronutrient status in patients diagnosed with diabetes. (Am. J.of Clin. Nutr.vol. 45, 1987) Their paper stated that “the relationship between nutrition and diabetes was suspected as early as 1674 and that “over the last 20 years, numerous studies have found alterations in micronutrient status of patients with diabetes mellitus. In some studies deficiency of certain minerals or vitamins has been correlated with presence of diabetic complications.” They also state that there is much confusion concerning the nutritional requirements of patients with diabetes since many studies are contradictory in different population groups studied. This confusion would be expected since this condition is not usually viewed in accordance with metabolic individuality. I will review their excellent summary of serum micronutrients studied in relation to diabetes as well as studies from hair mineral analysis patterns.

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