Trace Element Concentrations in the Tissues of Proteus Anguinus (Amphibia, Caudata) and the Surrounding Environment

  title={Trace Element Concentrations in the Tissues of Proteus Anguinus (Amphibia, Caudata) and the Surrounding Environment},
  author={B. Bulog and Katarina Mihajl and Z. Jeran and M. J. Toman},
  journal={Water, Air, and Soil Pollution},
  • B. Bulog, Katarina Mihajl, +1 author M. J. Toman
  • Published 2002
  • Chemistry
  • Water, Air, and Soil Pollution
  • The concentrations of some essential (Cu, Zn, Se) and some toxicelements (Hg, As) were determined in tissues (liver, kidneys, integument, and muscle) of the endemic cave salamander, Proteus anguinus Laurenti 1768 and Proteus anguinus parkelj ssp.n. captured in the Planina Cave, Kompolje Cave, and Jelševnik, all situated within the Dinaric Karst in Slovenia. The highest amounts of selenium and mercury were found in the liver of Proteus anguinus specimens from all three localities. Some of the… CONTINUE READING
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