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TraMOOC - Translation for Massive Open Online Courses: Recent Developments in Machine Translation

  title={TraMOOC - Translation for Massive Open Online Courses: Recent Developments in Machine Translation},
  author={Rico Sennrich and Antonio Barone and J. Moorkens and Sheila Castilho and Andy Way and Federico Gaspari and Valia Kordoni and Markus Egg and Maja Popovic and Yota Georgakopoulou and Maria Gialama and Menno van Zaanen},
Massive open online courses have been growing rapidly in size and impact. TraMOOC1 aims at developing highquality translation of all types of text genre included in MOOCs from English into eleven European and BRIC languages that are hard to translate into and have weak MT support. 1 Recent developments In TraMOOC, we have developed machine translation prototypes for 11 target languages, from English into German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Russian, and… Expand


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