Tríade basilar: uso das estratégias, a inclusão da história e filosofia da biologia e a confecção de material didático

  title={Tr{\'i}ade basilar: uso das estrat{\'e}gias, a inclus{\~a}o da hist{\'o}ria e filosofia da biologia e a confecç{\~a}o de material did{\'a}tico},
  author={L. Baptista and R. B. Azevedo and Andr{\'e}a In{\^e}s Goldschmidt},
The fragmentation of the school’s knowledge is configured in a harmful way to the teaching, making it harder to the student, the appropriation of knowledge and the construction of a contextualized vision that would allow them a critical perception of reality. In the trials of overcoming the fragmentation, we observe as possibilities, the usage of strategies faced with the traditional program, the inclusion of History and Biology’s Philosophy (HFB) and the insertion of practical and joinable… Expand
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