Três novas espécies de Pseudophasma (Phasmatodea - Phyllidae)

  title={Tr{\^e}s novas esp{\'e}cies de Pseudophasma (Phasmatodea - Phyllidae)},
  author={S. Piza},
  journal={Anais Da Escola Superior De Agricultura Luiz De Queiroz},
  • S. Piza
  • Published 1977
  • Biology
  • Anais Da Escola Superior De Agricultura Luiz De Queiroz
In the present paper three new species of Phyllidae, Phasmatodea, are described, namely Pseudophasma septemtrionalis from Para (Brasil), P. surinamense from Suriname, and P. peruvianum from Peru. 
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