Toxoplasma gondii infection in sentinel and free-range chickens from Argentina.

  title={Toxoplasma gondii infection in sentinel and free-range chickens from Argentina.},
  author={Gast{\'o}n Mor{\'e} and Pavlo Maksimov and Lais L. Pardini and Daland C Herrmann and Diana Bacigalupe and Aline Maksimov and Walter U Basso and Franz J Conraths and Gereon Schares and Mar{\'i}a Cecilia Venturini},
  journal={Veterinary parasitology},
  volume={184 2-4},
This study aimed at isolating and genotyping Toxoplasma gondii from serologically positive free-range chickens from Argentina, and to evaluate the use of sentinel animals during a short time period of exposure to determine environmental contamination with T. gondii oocysts. Two groups of chickens on six farms were compared in this study: (i) young, 2-3 month-old broiler-type chickens reared as sentinel animals on the farms and (ii) adult chickens reared on the same farms for more than one year… CONTINUE READING