Toxicoses in livestock from the hemlocks (Conium and Cicuta spp.).

  title={Toxicoses in livestock from the hemlocks (Conium and Cicuta spp.).},
  author={Kip E. Panter and Richard F. Keeler and Dale C Baker},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={66 9},
The hemlocks, Conium maculatum (poison-hemlock) and Cicuta spp. (waterhemlock), are poisonous plants that cause sizeable losss to the livestock industry. Clinical signs of poisonhemlock toxicosis are similar in all species of livestock and include muscular weakness, incordination, trembling, initial central nervous system stimulation, depression and death from respiratory paralysis. Poison-hemlock also causes skeletal defects in the offspring of cattle, pigs and sheep and cleft palate in pigs… CONTINUE READING


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