Toxicology of octabromobiphenyl and decabromodiphenyl oxide.

  title={Toxicology of octabromobiphenyl and decabromodiphenyl oxide.},
  author={Jill M Norris and R. J. Kociba and Bernard A Schwetz and James Rose and C. G. Humiston and G L Jewett and Peter Gehring and John B. Mailhes},
  journal={Environmental Health Perspectives},
  pages={153 - 161}
Decabromodiphenyl oxide (DBDPO) and octabromobiphenyl (OBBP) perform well as fire-retardant additives for thermoplastics. Both compounds have low acute oral toxicity and low skin absorption toxicity. They are neither primary skin irritants or skin sensitizers and are only mildly irritating to the eyes. A 30-day dietary feeding study in rats established 8 mg… CONTINUE READING