Toxicological evaluation of live attenuated, cold-adapted H5N1 vaccines in ferrets.

  title={Toxicological evaluation of live attenuated, cold-adapted H5N1 vaccines in ferrets.},
  author={Hong Jin and Scott Manetz and Joel Leininger and Catherine J. Luke and Kanta Subbarao and Brian Murphy and George M. Kemble and Kathy L. Coelingh},
  volume={25 52},
Live attenuated influenza vaccines (LAIV) have several attributes related to safety, immunogenicity, cross-protection against antigenic drift strains, high yield and needle-free administration that make them attractive candidates for control of pandemic influenza. H5N1 LAIV vaccine candidates are attenuated in ferrets, chickens and mice. These vaccine candidates were further characterized in the ferret model to evaluate their toxicity at doses comparable to seasonal LAIV and at doses up to 100… CONTINUE READING
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