Toxicokinetics of isoprene in rodents and humans.

  title={Toxicokinetics of isoprene in rodents and humans.},
  author={Johannes Georg Filser and Gy A Csan{\'a}dy and B. Denk and Matthias Hartmann and Andreas Kauffmann and W. C. Kessler and Paul Erich Kreuzer and Christian P{\"u}tz and Jian Hua Shen and P Stei},
  volume={113 1-3},
A physiological toxicokinetic model (PT model) was developed for inhaled isoprene in mouse, rat and man. Partition coefficients blood:air and tissue:blood were determined in vitro by a headspace method. Parameters of a saturable isoprene metabolism in B6C3F1 mice, Sprague-Dawley rats and volunteers were obtained from gas uptake experiments in closed systems, analyzed by means of a two-compartment model. Incorporation of these parameters into the PT model revealed that isoprene was metabolized… CONTINUE READING

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