Toxicity testing of atracurium.

  title={Toxicity testing of atracurium.},
  author={M Skarpa and Anthony D. Dayan and M J Follenfant and David K. James and W. Brad Moore and Peter Thomson and Jerry Lucke and Margie Morgan and Roger Lovell and R. K. Medd},
  journal={British journal of anaesthesia},
  volume={55 Suppl 1},
The toxicity of atracurium has been investigated in subacute tests in rat, dog and monkey, in a fetal toxicity test in the rabbit and in a paranatal study in the cat. No specific adverse effects were found despite administration of supraparalysing doses. It appeared not to cross the placenta at term and the neonatal kitten seemed resistant to its neuromuscular blocking action. In the dog, cat and pig, in which physiological monitoring was undertaken, i.v. injection of three to four times the… CONTINUE READING