Toxicity of polymerized hemoglobin solutions.

  title={Toxicity of polymerized hemoglobin solutions.},
  author={Marina Feola and Jan Simoni and P C Canizaro and Robert Tran and G R Raschbaum and F J Bĕhal},
  journal={Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics},
  volume={166 3},
Four solutions of bovine polymerized hemoglobin (BPHS) and rabbit plasma were used to replace one-third of the blood volume in five groups of rabbits. The first three solutions were "impure" because of the presence of stromal phosphatidyl-ethanolamine and phosphatidyl-serine in BPHS-1, environmental endotoxins in BPHS-2, and a large amount of higher molecular weight hemoglobin-glutaraldehyde polymers in BPHS-3. These solutions caused a 33 per cent mortality rate and significant morbidity which… CONTINUE READING
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