Toxicity of disodium sebacate.

  title={Toxicity of disodium sebacate.},
  author={Aldo Virgilio Greco and Geltrude Mingrone and E Arcieri Mastromattei and Enrico Finotti and Marco Castagneto},
  journal={Drugs under experimental and clinical research},
  volume={16 10},
Investigations of the acute toxicity of disodium sebacate after oral, i.p. and i.v. administration were carried out on 220 Wistar rats (110 males and 110 females) and 204 New Zealand rabbits (102 males and 102 females). No oral acute toxicity was found. On the contrary LD50 +/- s.e. of 5500 +/- 830 mg/kg b.w. and 6000 +/- 850 mg/kg b.w. were found respectively for rats and rabbits after i.p. sebacate administration. When sebacate was given i.v., the median lethal dose +/- s.e. was 560 +/- 86.5… CONTINUE READING