Toxicity of Interferon Inducers of the Double Stranded RNA Type

  title={Toxicity of Interferon Inducers of the Double Stranded RNA Type},
  author={B. Leonard and E. Eccleston and D. Jones},
INTERFERON inducers seem to be the most practical way of making use of interferons in clinical practice. Helenine1 obtained from a fungus Penicillium funiculosum is a powerful interferon inducer and Lampson et al.2 found that the activity was present in a fraction consisting of double stranded RNA. Other double stranded RNA inducers have been discovered, for example, that from Escherichia coli infected with RNA bacteria virus MS2 (ref. 3) and also certain copolymers of synthetic… Expand
Interferon stimulated by Double Stranded RNA
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