Toxicity assessment for chlorpyrifos-contaminated soil with three different earthworm test methods.

  title={Toxicity assessment for chlorpyrifos-contaminated soil with three different earthworm test methods.},
  author={Shi-ping Zhou and Chang-qun Duan and Hui Fu and Y Chen and Xue-hua Wang and Z. Yu},
  journal={Journal of environmental sciences},
  volume={19 7},
Earthworm toxicity tests are useful tools for terrestrial risk assessment but require a hierarchy of test designs that differ in effect levels (behavior, sublethal, lethal). In this study, the toxicity of chlorpyrifos contaminated soil on earthworms was assessed. In addition to the acute and chronic tests, an avoidance response test was applied. Earthworms were exposed to sublethal and lethal concentration of chlorpyrifos, and evaluated for acute toxicity, growth, fecundity and avoidance… CONTINUE READING


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