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Toxicity and anticancer activity of a new triazine antifolate (NSC 127755).

  title={Toxicity and anticancer activity of a new triazine antifolate (NSC 127755).},
  author={Thomas H. Corbett and Wilbur R. Leopold and Donald J. Dykes and Billy J. Roberts and Daniel P. Griswold and Frank M. Schabel},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={42 5},
A new triazine folate antagonist, 3-chloro-4-((4-(2-chloro-4-[4,6-diamino-2,2-dimethyl-s-triazin-1(2H)-yl]phenyl)butyl)) benzenesulfonyl fluoride compounded with ethanesulfonic acid (1:1) (NSC 127755), was highly active against four transplantable colon adenocarcinomas (36, 38, 10/A, 12/A) and the Dunning murine ovarian tumor M5076. Treatment schedule studies indicated that a prolonged time of exposure provided optimum antitumor activity for the compound. The combination of NSC 127755 plus 4… 

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    Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry
  • 2016


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