Toxic textiles

  title={Toxic textiles},
  author={Emily Monosson},
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A physician uncovers the disturbing history of an “ecofriendly” fiber In Fake Silk: The Lethal History of Viscose Rayon, Paul David Blanc takes the reader on a historical tour that touches on chemistry, occupational health, and the maneuverings of multinational corporations. Our guide is a small, "elegant" molecule called carbon disulfide—a compound that is a key ingredient in the making of viscose (better known as rayon) and is also insidiously toxic, having devastated the minds and bodies. 

The imprint of microfibres in southern European deep seas

Assessment of composition and abundance of microfibres in seafloor sediments in southern European seas fills gaps in the limited understanding of the long-range transport and magnitude of this type of microplastic pollution, based on the relative abundance of fibres.