[Toxic substances with silicone oil after intraocular injections].


In articles about the analysis of intraocular silicone oil, mostly the amount and toxicity of low-molecular-weight components (LMWC) have been investigated. This study was intended to analyze the components of silicone oil following a longer intraocular application. We analyzed silicone oil removed from human eyes with PVR a few months postoperatively. The fraction of LMWC was further investigated and we separated 16 different components belonging to hexachlorhexanes (HCH), polybiphenyls (PCB) and dichlor-diphenyl-trichlorethane (DDT). All these substances are said to have a toxic and cancerogenic effect as well as weakening the immune system. The concentration of these organic chloride components measured in intraocular injected silicone oil is about the same as fatty tissue but exceeds the concentration in human blood enormously. Possible damage to the retina by these toxic substances is another reason for early removal of silicone oil if the situation of the retina is stable.

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