[Toxic hepatitis associated with carp juice ingestion].


The potential hepatotoxicity of herbal remedies and/or health foods is usually ignored in daily life. There have been cases showing the toxic hepatitis and renal failure associated with the ingestion of raw carp bile. We experienced a case of toxic hepatitis without any evidence of renal failure that was associated with carp juice ingestion. The clinical… (More)


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@article{Son2006ToxicHA, title={[Toxic hepatitis associated with carp juice ingestion].}, author={Hye Suk Son and Guil Kim and Seung Woo Lee and Sang - Bum Kang and Jong Tae Back and Soon Woo Nam and Dong Soo Lee and B. Ahn}, journal={The Korean journal of hepatology}, year={2006}, volume={12 1}, pages={103-6} }