Toxic encephalopathy with seizures secondary to ingestion of composition C‐4

  title={Toxic encephalopathy with seizures secondary to ingestion of composition C‐4},
  author={W B Ketel and John Russell Hughes},
  pages={870 - 870}

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Peer Pressure = Explosive Consequences: A Case Report of Toxic Ingestion of Cyclonite (C-4) Explosive on a Dare.

It is imperative to refresh awareness and provide education to heighten suspicion and broaden differential diagnosis for patients presenting with new onset syncope or seizure, particularly in the military population.

Neurology in the Vietnam War.

Between December 1965 and December 1971, the United States maintained armed forces in Vietnam never less than 180,000 men and women in support of the war, which required an extensive medical presence, including 19 neurologists, which spawned the Defense and Veterans Head Injury Study.

Investigation on the Electrochemistry and Cytotoxicity of Organic Nitrates and Nitroamines

Laboratory scale quantities of a series of organic nitrates and nitroamines were obtained by nitration with dinitrogen pentoxide in dichloromethane medium. Twenty seven synthesized compounds were

Two marines with generalized seizure activity.

Oral C-4 plastic explosive in humans – A case series

Poisoning with C-4 is an unusual cause of seizures which should be considered in patients with access to this agent, and management recommendations include standard resuscitation, supportive care, and benzodiazepines for the control of seizures or agitation.

Fungal interactions with the explosive RDX (hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine)

The bacterially mediated, anaerobic biodegradation of the explosive RDX (hexahydro 1,3,5 trinitro-1,3,5-triazine) is well established. Reports of successful mineralization of RDX by white rot fungi,