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Toxic effects of garlic extract and garlic oil in rats.

  title={Toxic effects of garlic extract and garlic oil in rats.},
  author={P. Joseph and K. Rao and C. S. Sundaresh},
  journal={Indian journal of experimental biology},
  volume={27 11},
Significant rise in urea and D-aspartate aminotransferase and inhibition of alkaline phosphatase in serum were observed in rats fed garlic extract (2 ml/100 g body wt, intragastrically) for 10 days. The liver showed histological changes. Garlic oil feeding (10 mg/100 g body wt, intragastrically) after 24 hr fasting was found lethal. The cause of death appears to be acute pulmonary oedema. On histological examination, all the organs of the dead rats revealed severe congestion. However, similar… Expand
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