Toxic effects of alcohol intake on prostate of rats.

  title={Toxic effects of alcohol intake on prostate of rats.},
  author={Ethel Lourenzi Barbosa Novelli and N L Rodr{\'i}gues and Celio X. C. Santos and Francisco Eduardo Martinez and Jacopo Novelli},
  journal={The Prostate},
  volume={31 1},
BACKGROUND The present report was carried out to determine whether alcohol intake could induce prostate lesions. METHODS We tested male rats for 300 days. Animals were divided into three groups: controls received only tap water as liquid diet; the chronic alcohol intake group received only ethanol solution in semivoluntary research; and the withdrawal group received the same treatment as chronic alcohol intake until 240 days, after which they reverted to drinking water. RESULTS Chronic… CONTINUE READING