Towards the Light Front Variables

  • N . S . Amaglobeli, S . M . Esakia, +5 authors T . P . Topuria
  • Published 1997


Scale invariant presentation of inclusive spectra in terms of light front variables is proposed. The variables introduced go over to the well-known scaling variables xF = 2pz/ √ s and xT = 2pT / √ s in the high pz and high pT limits respectively. Some surface is found in the phase space of produced π±-mesons in the inclusive reaction p̄p→ π±X at 22.4 GeV/c, which separates two groups of particles with significantly different characteristics. In one of these regions a naive statistical model seems to be in a good agreement with data, whereas it fails in the second region. Classification codes: PACS numbers: 13.85 Ni, 13.90+i

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