Towards the Event Horizon-The Vicinity of AGN at Micro-Arcsecond Resolution

  title={Towards the Event Horizon-The Vicinity of AGN at Micro-Arcsecond Resolution},
  author={Thomas P. Krichbaum and Daniel A. Graham and Walter Alef and Alex Kraus and Bong Won Sohn and Uwe Bach and Antonis Polatidis and Arno Witzel and J. AnithaKumari and Zensus and Michael A Bremer and Albert Greve and Michael Grewing and Sheperd S. Doeleman and Robert B. Phillips and Alan E. E. Rogers and H. Fagg and Peter A. Strittmatter and Lucy M. Ziurys and J. Kimmel K. S. Conway and R. S. Booth and S. Urpo},
We summarize the present status of VLBI experiments at 3 mm (8 6 GHz), 2 mm (129-150 GHz) and 1.3 mm (215230 GHz). We present and discuss a new 3 mm VLBI map of M 87, whic h as a spatial resolution of only ∼ 20 Schwarzschild radii. We discuss recent results for Sgr A* and argue in favor of new observations within an extended European mm-VLBI network, in order to search for variability. We discuss the p ossibilities to image the ‘event horizon’ of a super-massiv e black hole at wavelengths< 2 mm… CONTINUE READING
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Exploring the Cosmic Frontier

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