Towards quantum dielectric branes: curvature corrections in Abelian beta function and non-Abelian Born–Infeld action

  title={Towards quantum dielectric branes: curvature corrections in Abelian beta function and non-Abelian Born–Infeld action},
  author={Pedro Bordalo and Lorenzo Cornalba and Ricardo Schiappa},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},

Derivative corrections to the Born-Infeld action through beta-function calculations in N=2 \boundary" superspace

We calculate the β-functions for an open string σ-model in the presence of a U(1) background. Passing to N = 2 boundary superspace, in which the background is fully characterized by a scalar

Non-commutative Weitzenböck geometry, gerbe modules and WZW branes

We study the non-commutative matrix model which arises as the low-energy effective action of open strings in WZW models. We re-derive this fuzzy effective gauge dynamics in two different ways,

Fuzzy sphere dynamics and non-abelian DBI in curved backgrounds

We consider the non-Abelian action for the dynamics of NDp'-branes in the background of MDp-branes, which parameterises a fuzzy sphere using the SU(2) algebra. We find that the curved background

Electrified fuzzy spheres and funnels in curved backgrounds

We use the non-Abelian DBI action to study the dynamics of N coincident Dp-branes in an arbitrary curved background, with the presence of a homogenous world-volume electric field. The solutions are

D-branes in Lie groups of rank > 1

We consider a low-energy effective action for the gauge field on Wess-Zumino-Witten D-branes in a compact simple Lie group, in the limit k→∞. We prove that the effective action is bounded from below,

Poincaré invariance in multiple D-brane actions

We show that the requirement of Poincare invariance (more specifically invariance under boosts/rotations that mix brane directions with transverse directions) places severe constraints on the form of

Relating branes and matrices

We construct a general map between a Dp-brane with magnetic flux and a matrix configuration of D0-branes, by showing how one can rewrite the boundary state of the Dp-brane in terms of its D0-brane

Matrix theory origins of non-geometric fluxes

A bstractWe explore the origins of non-geometric fluxes within the context of M theory described as a matrix model. Building upon compactifications of Matrix theory on non-commutative tori and

Magnetic solutions in Einstein-massive gravity with linear and nonlinear fields

The solutions of U(1) gauge-gravity coupling is one of the interesting models for analyzing the semi-classical nature of spacetime. In this regard, different well-known singular and nonsingular

Non-abelian (p,q) strings in the warped deformed conifold

We calculate the tension of (p,q)-strings in the warped deformed conifold using the non-Abelian DBI action. In the large flux limit, we find exact agreement with the recent expression obtained by



Corrections to the abelian Born-Infeld action arising from noncommutative geometry

In a recent paper Seiberg and Witten have argued that the full action describing the dynamics of coincident branes in the weak coupling regime is invariant under a specific field redefinition, which

Curvature terms in D-brane actions and their M theory origin

We derive the complete (curvature)2 terms of effective D-brane actions, for arbitrary ambient geometries and world-volume embeddings, at lowest order (disk-level) in the string-loop expansion. These

Nonassociative Star Product Deformations for D-Brane World-Volumes in Curved Backgrounds

Abstract: We investigate the deformation of D-brane world-volumes in curved backgrounds. We calculate the leading corrections to the boundary conformal field theory involving the background fields,

N=1 Worldsheet Boundary Couplings and Covariance of non-Abelian Worldvolume Theory

A systematic construction is given for N=1 open string boundary coupling to Abelian and non-Abelian Dp-brane worldvolume fields, in general curved backgrounds. The basic ingredient is a set of four

On the general structure of the non-abelian Born–Infeld action

We discuss the general structure of the non-abelian Born-Infeld action, together with all of the alpha-prime derivative corrections, in flat D-dimensional space-time. More specifically, we show how

D-brane dynamics in constant Ramond-Ramond potentials, S duality and noncommutative geometry

We study the physics of D-branes in the presence of constant Ramond-Ramond potentials. In the string field theory context, we first develop a general formalism to analyze open strings in gauge

Matrix Strings in Weakly Curved Background Fields

We investigate further the recent proposal for the form of the Matrix theory action in weak background fields. We perform DVV reduction to the multiple D0–brane action in order to find the Matrix

Matrix Theory Star Products from the Born-Infeld Action

We conjecture that the Sen-Seiberg limit of the Type IIA D2-brane action in a flat spacetime background can be resummed, at all orders in \alpha', to define an associative star product on the