Towards patient-based cancer therapeutics

  title={Towards patient-based cancer therapeutics},
  author={Stuart L. Schreiber and Alykhan F. Shamji and Paul A. Clemons and C. Suk-Yee Hon and Angela N. Koehler and B. Quintanilla Mu{\~n}oz and Michelle Dawn Palmer and Andrew M Stern and Bridget K Wagner and Scott M. Powers and Scott W Lowe and Xuecui Guo and A. Krasnitz and Eric T. Sawey and Raffaella Sordella and Lincoln Stein and Lloyd C Trotman and Andrea Califano and Riccardo Dalla-Favera and Adolfo A. Ferrando and Antonio Iavarone and Laura Pasqualucci and Jose Guilherme Nogueira Silva and Brent R. Stockwell and William C. Hahn and Lynda Chin and Ronald A DePinho and Jesse S Boehm and Shuba Gopal and Alan Huang and David E Root and Barbara A. Weir and Daniela S. Gerhard and Jean Claude Zenklusen and Michael G. Roth and Michael A. White and John D. Minna and John Macmillan and Bruce A. Posner},
  booktitle={Nature Biotechnology},
A new approach to the discovery of cancer therapeutics is emerging that begins with the cancer patient. Genomic analysis of primary tumors is providing an unprecedented molecular characterization of the disease. The next step requires relating the genetic features of cancers to acquired gene and pathway dependencies and identifying small-molecule therapeutics that target them. 

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