Towards integrative computational materials engineering of steel components


This article outlines on-going activities at the RWTH Aachen University aiming at a standardized, modular, extendable and open simulation platform for materials processing. This platform on the one hand facilitates the information exchange between different simulation tools and thus strongly reduces the effort to design/re-design production processes. On… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s11740-011-0322-1


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@article{Schmitz2011TowardsIC, title={Towards integrative computational materials engineering of steel components}, author={Georg J. Schmitz and Stefan Benke and Gottfried Laschet and Markus Apel and Ulrich Prahl and Patrick Fayek and Sergey Konovalov and Jenny Rudnizki and Hendrik Quade and Stephan Freyberger and Thomas Henke and Markus Bambach and Eduardo A. Rossiter and Ulrich Jansen and Urs Eppelt}, journal={Production Engineering}, year={2011}, volume={5}, pages={373-382} }