Towards incorporating asexual fungi in a natural classification: checklist and notes 2012–2016

  title={Towards incorporating asexual fungi in a natural classification: checklist and notes 2012–2016},
  author={Nn Wijayawardene},
  • Nn Wijayawardene
  • Published 2017
  • Biology
  • Mycosphere
  • Incorporating asexual genera in a natural classification system and proposing one name for pleomorphic genera are important topics in the current era of mycology. Recently, several polyphyletic genera have been restricted to a single family, linked with a single sexual morph or spilt into several unrelated genera. Thus, updating existing data bases and check lists is essential to stay abreast of these recent advanes. In this paper, we update the existing outline of asexual genera and provide… CONTINUE READING
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