Towards hyperpolarized (13)C-succinate imaging of brain cancer.

  title={Towards hyperpolarized (13)C-succinate imaging of brain cancer.},
  author={Pratip K. Bhattacharya and Eduard Y Chekmenev and William H. Perman and Kent C. Harris and Alexander Peter Lin and V. Alan Norton and Chou T Tan and Brian D. Ross and Daniel Weitekamp},
  journal={Journal of magnetic resonance},
  volume={186 1},
We describe a novel (13)C enriched precursor molecule, sodium 1-(13)C acetylenedicarboxylate, which after hydrogenation by PASADENA (Parahydrogen and Synthesis Allows Dramatically Enhanced Nuclear Alignment) under controlled experimental conditions, becomes hyperpolarized (13)C sodium succinate. Fast in vivo 3D FIESTA MR imaging demonstrated that, following carotid arterial injection, the hyperpolarized (13)C-succinate appeared in the head and cerebral circulation of normal and tumor-bearing… CONTINUE READING

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