Towards holographic renormalization of fake supergravity

  title={Towards holographic renormalization of fake supergravity},
  author={Natalia Borodatchenkova and Michael Haack and Wolfgang Mueck},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},

Holograpic Renormalization of Fake supergravities

The string/gauge theory correspondence allows to calculate correlators in certain strongly coupled gauge theories via solving the equations of motion of supergravity (SUGRA). In this work we propose

Holographic Renormalization of Two-Point Functions in Non-AdS/Non-CFT

We review recent progress on holographic renormalization in the context of the gauge-gravity correspondence when the bulk geometry is not asymptotically AdS. The prime example is the

Dimensional regularization for holographic RG flows

In this work, we present a holographic renormalization scheme for asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes in which the dual renormalization scheme of the boundary field theory is dimensional

Holographic interpretations of the renormalization group

A bstractIn semiclassical holographic duality, the running couplings of a field theory are conventionally identified with the classical solutions of field equations in the dual gravitational theory.

Covariant Holographic Renormalization of Non-Conformal Field Theories

We present a Covariant Holographic Renormalization (CHR) procedure of fake supergravity (sugra) systems. Holography is a strong/weak coupling duality between gravitational and gauge theories, and

Running scaling dimensions in holographic renormalization group flows

Holographic renormalization group flows can be interpreted in terms of effective field theory. Based on such an interpretation, a formula for the running scaling dimensions of gauge-invariant

The Double Life of Thermal QCD

We study the gravity dual of a thermal gauge theory whose behavior parallels that of thermal QCD in the far IR. The UV of our theory has infinite degrees of freedom. We holographically renormalize

On $ \mathcal{I} $-even singlet glueballs in the Klebanov-Strassler theory

In this note we study vector fluctuations over the Klebanov-Strassler type IIB supergravity solution that are even under the $ \mathcal{I} $-conjugation. We are interested only in the states

Holographic interpretations of the renormalization group

In semiclassical holographic duality, the running couplings of a field theory are conventionally identified with the classical solutions of field equations in the dual gravitational theory. However,



Holographic Reconstruction of Spacetime¶and Renormalization in the AdS/CFT Correspondence

Abstract: We develop a systematic method for renormalizing the AdS/CFT prescription for computing correlation functions. This involves regularizing the bulk on-shell supergravity action in a

Holographic Renormalization

Holographic renormalization of cascading gauge theories

We perform a holographic renormalization of cascading gauge theories. Specifically, we find the counterterms that need to be added to the gravitational action of the backgrounds dual to the cascading

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In the first part of this paper we provide a short introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence and to holographic renormalization. We discuss how QFT correlation functions, Ward identities and

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We review the formalism of holographic renormalization. We start by discussing mathematical results on asymptotically anti-de Sitter (AdS) spacetimes. We then outline the general method of

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We apply the formalism of holographic renormalization to domain wall solutions of 5-dimensional supergravity which are dual to deformed conformal field theories in 4 dimensions. We carefully compute

Bulk dynamics in confining gauge theories

Correlation functions in a cascading N=1 gauge theory from supergravity

We study fluctuations around the warped conifold supergravity solution of Klebanov and Tseytlin [hep-th/0002159], known to be dual to a cascading N=1 gauge theory. Although this supergravity

Precision holography for non-conformal branes

We set up precision holography for the non-conformal branes preserving 16 supersymmetries. The near-horizon limit of all such p-brane solutions with p ? 4, including the case of fundamental string

New results on holographic three point functions

We exploit a gauge invariant approach for the analysis of the equations governing the dynamics of active scalar fluctuations coupled to the fluctuations of the metric along holographic RG flows. In