Towards environmental systems biology of Shewanella

  title={Towards environmental systems biology of Shewanella},
  author={James K. Fredrickson and Margaret F. Romine and Alexander S. Beliaev and Jennifer M. Auchtung and Michael E. Driscoll and Timothy S. Gardner and Kenneth H Nealson and Andrei L. Osterman and Grigoriy E. Pinchuk and Jennifer L. Reed and Dmitry A. Rodionov and Jorge L. M. Rodrigues and D. A. Saffarini and Margrethe H. Serres and Alfred M Spormann and Igor B. Zhulin and James M. Tiedje},
  journal={Nature Reviews Microbiology},
Bacteria of the genus Shewanella are known for their versatile electron-accepting capacities, which allow them to couple the decomposition of organic matter to the reduction of the various terminal electron acceptors that they encounter in their stratified environments. Owing to their diverse metabolic capabilities, shewanellae are important for carbon cycling and have considerable potential for the remediation of contaminated environments and use in microbial fuel cells. Systems-level analysis… CONTINUE READING
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