Towards disease-modifying treatment of Alzheimer's disease: drugs targeting beta-amyloid.

  title={Towards disease-modifying treatment of Alzheimer's disease: drugs targeting beta-amyloid.},
  author={Vincenza Frisardi and Vincenzo Solfrizzi and P B Imbimbo and Cristiano Capurso and A D'Introno and Anna Maria Colacicco and Gianluigi Vendemiale and Davide Seripa and Alberto Pilotto and Antonio Capurso and Francesco Panza},
  journal={Current Alzheimer research},
  volume={7 1},
Pathological, genetic, biochemical and pharmacological studies support the hypothesis that brain accumulation of oligomeric species of beta-amyloid (Abeta) peptides may cause Alzheimer's disease (AD). Drugs currently used for the treatment of AD produce limited clinical benefits and do not treat the underlying causes of the disease. In the last 10 years, new therapeutic approaches targeting Abeta have been discovered and developed with the hope of modifying the natural history of the disease… CONTINUE READING


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