Towards content-oriented patent document processing

  title={Towards content-oriented patent document processing},
  author={Leo Wanner and Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Soeren Bruegmann and Joan Codina and Barrou Diallo and Enric Escorsa and Mark Giereth and Yiannis Kompatsiaris and Symeon Papadopoulos and Emanuele Pianta and Gemma Piella and Ingo Puhlmann and Gautam Rao and Martin Rotard and Pia Schoester and L. Serafini and Vasiliki Zervaki},
In this article, we present ongoing work on an advanced patent processing service PATExpert. The central assumption underlying PATExpert is that in order to meet the needs of the users of patent processing services, recourse must be made to the content of patent material. We introduce a content representation schema for patent documentation and sketch the… CONTINUE READING

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