Towards analysis and control of vibration driven robotic mechanism

  • Woong Yeol Joe
  • Published 2015 in
    2015 12th International Conference on Ubiquitous…


This paper presents in-process research and details vibration analysis of a single actuator that can be used for robotic navigation and locomotion. The key steps to potential success of this works are (1) static and dynamic vibration analysis of generalized shapes for robots, (2) studies on solid mechanics based vibration propagation into the structure of the robot, (3) development of active control schemes of vibration isolation for the robot's navigation and locomotion purposes, and (4) analysis, simulation and design of passive leg mechanism for vibration driven robotic systems. Here, the author introduces state-of-the-art vibration driven robotic systems in the field, basic equations for a simple off-centered rotation mechanism, model and simulation/test bed for vibration excitement, and introduction of active vibration control to one of control schemes for effective vibration isolation as preliminary work.

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