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Towards an understanding of occupational therapy professional practice knowledge in mental health services

  title={Towards an understanding of occupational therapy professional practice knowledge in mental health services},
  author={L. Adamson},
This study critiqued historical, philosophical and political factors influencing occupational therapy (OT) professional practice knowledge in the context of public mental health services located in Victoria, Australia. The research was situated within the interpretive paradigm of scientific inquiry, using a hermeneutic process to construct and interpret five texts portraying the evolution of OT in mental health services. A series of conversations with key occupational therapists yielded… Expand
Development of a new occupational therapy service in a Singapore prison
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Exploring the mental health roots of occupational therapy in Canada: a historical review of primary texts from 1925-1950.
Analysis of early editions of the Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy and other primary works from 1925-1950 revealed four themes: Idle hands, emotional mischief, social unrest, The grand vision and Understanding occupation. Expand
Occupational Therapy in Mental Health: A Review of the Literature
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Cultural issues from practice
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The meanings of craft to an occupational therapist.
  • E. Harris
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Australian occupational therapy journal
  • 2008
It is suggested, that craft-making has therapeutic value; second, that reasoning about the therapeutic use of craft is similar to reasoning about other therapeutic activities; and third, that personal experience with craft- making can influence the selection of craft as therapeutic media. Expand
Occupational Therapy and Mental Health
This book discusses occupational therapy in primary care, the knowledge base of occupational therapy, media and methods, andorganisation and management. Expand