Towards an arthritis flare-responsive drug delivery system

  title={Towards an arthritis flare-responsive drug delivery system},
  author={Nitin S Joshi and Jing Jing Yan and Seth Levy and Sachin H Bhagchandani and Kai V Slaughter and Nicholas E. Sherman and Julian Amirault and Yufeng Wang and Logan Riegel and Xueyin He and Tan Shi Rui and Michael Valic and Praveen Kumar Vemula and Oscar R Miranda and Oren Levy and Ellen M. Gravallese and Antonios O Aliprantis and Joerg Ermann and Jeffrey M. Karp},
  booktitle={Nature Communications},
Local delivery of therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory arthritis (IA) is limited by short intra-articular half-lives. Since IA severity often fluctuates over time, a local drug delivery method that titrates drug release to arthritis activity would represent an attractive paradigm in IA therapy. Here we report the development of a hydrogel platform… CONTINUE READING