Towards an approach to improve business process models using risk management techniques


Business process management aims to create and develop value inside organizations. Though, business processes are exposed to different risks that may cause failures in their execution. In order to preserve this value, applying risk management principles in Business process management discipline has become a field that takes a lot of attention. Risk-aware Business Process Management (R-BPM) is an area that combines the advantages of Business Process Management and Risk Management. Some works tried to propose approaches for mitigating risks but only in the execution phase. Our research work aims to mitigate risks by design using a method based on a risk analysis technique HAZOP (HA-Zard OP-erability). In this paper, our objective is twofold. We will firstly introduce an approach for analyzing business process models using an adaptation of HAZOP, propose recommendations for reducing risks and we will then plan actions to implement those recommendations by design. Afterward, we will propose a redesign for the business process model and consequently get an improvement for the original model.

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