Towards an Ontology of Terms on Technical Debt

  title={Towards an Ontology of Terms on Technical Debt},
  author={Nicolli S. R. Alves and Leilane Ferreira Ribeiro and Vivyane Caires and Thiago Souto Mendes and Rodrigo O. Sp{\'i}nola},
  journal={2014 Sixth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt},
Technical debt is a term that has been used to describe the increased cost of changing or maintaining a system due to shortcuts taken during its development. As technical debt is a recent research area, its different types and their indicators are not organized yet. Therefore, this paper proposes an ontology of terms on technical debt in order to organize a common vocabulary for the area. The organized concepts derived from the results of a systematic literature mapping. The proposed ontology… CONTINUE READING

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