Towards an Ontological Learners' Modelling Approach for Personalised e-Learning

  title={Towards an Ontological Learners' Modelling Approach for Personalised e-Learning},
  author={Seyed Ali Hosseini and Abdel-Rahman H. Tawil and H. Jahankhani and M. Yarandi},
The rapid advancements in the semantic web technologies has enabled personalised learning based on learnerâ??s characteristics in the learning process. We have implemented a Personalised Adaptive e-Learning system (onto-PAdeL) which uses an ontological approach in design-ing learnersâ?? models. Thus, this paper focuses on describing our approach for modelling learners based on their charac-teristics such as abilities, learning style(s), prior knowledge and preferences. The system uses Item… Expand
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