Towards an Intelligent Tutoring System to down Syndrome


With the rapid and the fast development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligent tutoring Systems (ITSs) are becoming one of the most important area of research and development. Intelligent tutoring Systems have very good impact for making computer-based instruction more adaptive and interactive. Intelligent tutoring Systems are becoming important aspect of educational systems that makes use of adaptive technologies to bring in aspects of a human-teacher delivering personalized and customized tutoring to a student, into online computer-based learning environments. Early Intervention Program (EIP) is very important to improve and enhance the overall development of children with Tiresome 21 (Down syndrome). Up till now, there is no ITS for Early Intervention for Down syndrome children. In order to help a child and parents in the implementation of Early Intervention Program, a proposed ITS framework has been developed. This ITS can help his/her parents assess and evaluate children's' skills in order to provide effective early intervention services to handicaps children according to their mental age and to evaluate their progress and learn. This paper explore the construction requirements to build ITS for Down syndrome children, and the points that differ the ITS for Down syndrome from the traditional ITSs.

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