Towards an Intelligent Service to Elders Mobility Using the i-Walker

  title={Towards an Intelligent Service to Elders Mobility Using the i-Walker},
  author={Ulises Cort{\'e}s and Antonio Mart{\'i}nez-Velasco and Cristian Barru{\'e} and E. X. Mart{\'i}n and Fabio Campana and Roberta Annicchiarico and Carlo Caltagirone},
  booktitle={AAAI Fall Symposium: AI in Eldercare: New Solutions to Old Problems},
The SHARE-it architecture is designed to inform and assist the user and his/her caregivers through monitoring and mobility help. Thus, we plan to contribute to the development of the next generation of assistive devices for older persons or people with disabilities so that they can be self-dependent as long as possible. In this paper we focus on the development of an intelligent pedestrian mobility aid that we call ı-Walker. ı-Walker is a robotically augmented rollator to reduce fall risk and… CONTINUE READING