Towards an Explanation of McCarthyism

  title={Towards an Explanation of McCarthyism},
  author={Nelson W. Polsby},
  journal={Political Studies},
  pages={250 - 271}
  • N. Polsby
  • Published 1 October 1960
  • Political Science
  • Political Studies
THE recent appearance of an apparently definitive journalistic post-mortem on Senator Joseph McCarthy underscores the rather striking professional inattention of political scientists to one of the most spectacular political phenomena of our time.2 For those of us who view political science as a potentially powerful weapon in the cause of rational political decisionmaking, this lost opportunity seems especially p~ignant .~ If it is too late to assist politicians in determining the extent to… 
Red Scare? Revisiting Joe McCarthy’s Influence on 1950s Elections
In the early 1950s, politicians apparently allowed themselves to be spectators to the anticommunist witch hunt of Senator Joe McCarthy and his supporters, leading to a particularly grim chapter in
Intolerance of Communists During the McCarthy Era: a General Model
IN Communism, Conformity, and Civzl Liberties, published in 1955, Samuel Stouffer undertook the first truly systematic analysis of political tolerance, one of the core components of democracy, and
Review Article: the British Science of American Politics
  • N. Polsby
  • History
    British Journal of Political Science
  • 1972
There is no British science of American politics. So much has been said about the Anglo-American democracies being divided by a common language that in looking at British texts on the United States
Red Scare: FBI and the Origins of Anticommunism in the United States, 1919-1943
The anticommunist crusade of the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not start with the Cold War. Based on research in the early files of the FBI's predecessor, the Bureau of Investigation, the
Legislative Limelight: Investigations by the United States Congress
Author(s): Hanley, John Ignatius | Advisor(s): Schickler, Eric | Abstract: Academic studies have often emphasized the law-making aspects of Congress to the exclusion of examining how Congress uses
Red Scare: FBI and the Origins of Anticommunism in the United States, 1919–1943
Red Scuvu, the published doctoral dissertation research of Kegin Schmidt, of the University of Copenhagen, probes a wealth of archival sources, particularly the investigative case files of tht:
Sources of Support for the Old Right: A Comparison of the John Birch Society and the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade
During the Reagan years, the New Right has been the focus of a great deal of scholarly attention. Some have studied the secular New Right movement (Crawford, 1980); others have focused on the
The Moral Basis of Moral Reform: Status Discontent vs. Culture and Socialization as Explanations of Anti-Pornography Social Movement Adherence
Using data from the General Social Surveys 1973 to 1980 on beliefs and opinions about pornography, we attempt to evaluate two explanations of the social base of moral reform movements. We find that
“Harry, We Hardly Know You”: Revisionism, Politics and Diplomacy, 1945–1954: A Review Essay
* The Price of Vision: The Diary of Henry A. Wallace, 1942-1946. Edited and with an Introduction by John Morton Blum. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1973. Pp. 707. $15.00.) The Truman Doctrine and the
Presidential Popularity from Truman to Johnson
  • J. Mueller
  • Political Science
    American Political Science Review
  • 1970
I think [my grandchildren] will be proud of two things. What I did for the Negro and seeing it through in Vietnam for all of Asia. The Negro cost me 15 points in the polls and Vietnam cost me 20.