Towards adaptive kinetic-fluid simulations of weakly ionized plasmas

  title={Towards adaptive kinetic-fluid simulations of weakly ionized plasmas},
  author={Vladimir I. Kolobov and Robert R Arslanbekov},
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Implicit and coupled fluid plasma solver with adaptive Cartesian mesh and its applications to non-equilibrium gas discharges

We present a new fluid plasma solver with adaptive Cartesian mesh (ACM) based on a full-Newton (nonlinear, implicit) scheme for non-equilibrium gas discharge plasma. The electrons and ions are

Title: Adaptive Kinetic-fluid Models for Multi-phase Plasmas the Research Frontier and the Scientific Challenge

" P " , " S "  Plasma Atomic physics and the interface with chemistry and biology P  Statistical mechanics of plasmas S Plasma dynamics are characterized by a wide range of spatial and temporal

Test cases for grid-based direct kinetic modeling of plasma flows

Grid-based kinetic models are promising in that the numerical noise inherent in particle-based methods is essentially eliminated. Here, we call such grid-based techniques a direct kinetic (DK) model.

Kinetic Solvers with Adaptive Mesh in Phase Space for Low-Temperature Plasmas

The AMPS technique has been demonstrated for simulations of hypersonic rarefied gas flows, ion and electron kinetics in weakly ionized plasma, radiation and light-particle transport through thin films, and electron streaming in semiconductors.

Implicit and Coupled Multi-Fluid Solver for Collisional Low-Temperature Plasma

We present a new multi-fluid, multi-temperature plasma solver with adaptive Cartesian mesh (ACM) based on a full-Newton (non-linear, implicit) scheme for collisional low-temperature plasma. The


The paper deals with the processes occurring during electrical breakdown in gases as well as numerical simulation of these processes using adaptive mesh refinement methods. Discharge between needle

Spectral Approach to Plasma Kinetic Simulations Based on Hermite Decomposition in the Velocity Space

Spectral (transform) methods for solution of Vlasov-Maxwell system have shown significant promise as numerical methods capable of efficiently treating fluid-kinetic coupling in magnetized plasmas. We

A unified gas kinetic scheme with moving mesh and velocity space adaptation

Design of a Semi-analytical Method to Describe Plasma-Wall Interactions

Electric probes are objects immersed in the plasma with sharp boundaries which collect of emit charged particles. Consequently, the nearby plasma evolves under abrupt imposed and/or naturally



Numerical Solution of Plasma Fluid Equations Using Locally Refined Grids

This paper describes a numerical method for the solution of plasma fluid equations on block-structured, locally refined grids. The plasmas under consideration are typical of those used for the

Unified Kinetic Approach for Simulation of Gas Flows in Rarefied and Continuum Regimes

Abstract : This report was developed under a SBIR contract. The objective of this effort was to develop a computation fluid dynamics tool for air and space flight. Flow fields characterized by the

Discussion of Hybrid Atomistic-Continuum Methods for Multiscale Hydrodynamics

It is shown that compressibility is important in determining the choice of a coupling method in hybrid atomistic-continuum methods for multiscale hydrodynamic applications, by relating the molecular integration timestep to the CFL timesteps.

Construction of a Unified Continuum/Kinetic Solver for Aerodynamic Problems

It is shown that the UFS can automatically introduce and remove kinetic patches to maximize the accuracy and efficiency of simulations and is the first attempt to use direct Boltzmann and continuum flow solvers for developing a hybrid code with solution adaptive domain decomposition.

Numerical modelling of atmospheric pressure gas discharges leading to plasma production

In this paper, we give a detailed review of recent work carried out on the numerical characterization of non-thermal gas discharge plasmas in air at atmospheric pressure. First, we briefly describe

Multi‐Scale Simulations of Gas Flows: Effect of External Forces

Multi‐scale simulations of neutral and charged particles in external fields require accurate algorithms for solving both the Boltzmann kinetic equation and continuum (Navier‐Stokes and Euler)